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The Wealth Summit is back

Your time is now

Bringing together South African and international entrepreneurs, life coaches and success stories who endeavour to help you in your quest in identifying great opportunities for success, and to overcome the most common obstacles to deliver a menu of great ideas that will turn your dreams of wealth into a practical reality.


What is it about?

Too many people continue to live in a world over which they have no control and to create lives that keep them in a cycle of debt or worse.

The lessons you need to overcome those challenges and turn your life around are everywhere, and it is for that reason we believe a summit that enables you to tap into them is incredibly valuable.

The Wealth Summit has the distinction of being the only such information forum to visit areas beyond the major Metros, such as Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth, East London and Polokwane.

How will you benefit?

Local and International Speakers

The Wealth Summit has gained its international reputation by the class of speakers it has every time.

One-on-One Personal Consultations

Focus on spending face-to-face time with the speakers and earn yourself some real insight into their success.

Discover Multiple Streams of Passive Income

Passive income combined with active income will ensure your financially secure future.

Mindset, Investment & Wealth Tools

Get the tools and use them repeatedly in the future.


people who are "in the know"

will teach you where they invest and how you too, can become a magnet to life-changing opportunities.



Local and International, Entrepreneurs • Life Coaches • Success Stories

Conray Labuschagne
Conray Labuschagne
Mindset // Passive Income


Rick Potgieter
Rick Potgieter
Trading // Finance


Coert Coetzee
Asset Protection // Finance


Business // Sales


Billy Selekane
Business // Sales


Kotie Potgieter
Mindset // Life Skills


Lee Scott
GT247 // Asset Management


Colin J Browne
Mindset // Business


Desre Buirski
Mindset // Life Skills


Andrew Eaton
Home Based Passive Income


John Broome
Mindset // Life Coach




gave me a positive approach

towards life and Guidance and options
for people in financial difficulty

Fritz Damaske

Work your wealth truly is

an organization that practices their philosophy

Shariffa Miller

Tailored Financial Structure

WYW helped us with supplementing a pension
with work from home opportunities.

Kerry Michael

Wealth Summit Tickets

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  • R390 each
  • Admission to one day event – for you AND your partner [Budget seating]
  • Early Birds
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    and pay only R195
    [for both you AND your partner]

  • R1590 each
  • Admission to tone day event – for you AND your partner [Platinum seating]
  • Platinum Registration
  • Confirmed Seats in Platinum Section
  • eBooks worth R2713
  • Free one on one consultation with Work Your Wealth Coach.
  • Free one on one consultation with a Work Your Wealth Service Provider & Approved Financial Advisor.
  • Free one on one coaching session with Conray personally after event.
  • Early Birds
    SAVE 50%
    and pay only R795
    [for both you AND your partner]

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The following topics will be discussed In no specific order.

  1. Wealth Summit Intro, Objectives and Outline
  2. Wealth Mindset
  3. Intro to Investments
  4. Investments and Leverage and Compounding
  5. Global markets
  6. Passive Income Module 1
  7. Passive Income Module 2
  8. Passive Income Module 3
  9. Passive Income Mastery 
  10. Crack the Success Code
  11. Psychology of Wealth
  12. Wealth Success Principles and Tools
  13. Asset Protection
  14. Property and Leverage and Compounding
  15. Property Mastery

Please note:
Registration begins at 7am.

You must register at the information desk with your ticket prior to the event to be marked off as a confirmed delegate.

The event commences at 8am.

Due to travel, flights and accommodation the schedules of some of the speakers may not be able to attend the event or may appear at a different time. However all topics and content that is provided in the agenda will be discussed and presented. The lineup may be subject to change with prior notice.


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  • Learn how to recognise opportunities and how to act upon them when they come along.
  • Learn the latest technology, talent and tactics that can help you to achieve wealth.
  • Learn to achieve and then maintain complete financial freedom and a Life of Choice


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