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Neelesh Harbhajan

Neelesh Harbhajan

Neelesh Harbhajan is the founder of Magical Mind University where he teaches people inner world principles for outer world success.

Carl Bates

Carl Bates

A dynamic entrepreneur from New Zealand who guides small to medium businesses and privately-held companies to achieve Extreme Business Success.

Tracy Tredea

Tracy Tredea

Tracy has her very own woman’s television talk show – Real Woman Real Life. Broadcasting weekly. She lives purposefully to see woman mobilised to live their purpose, living out the call to love!

Pearl Kupe

Pearl Kupe

Professionally, Pearl Kupe earned her LLB, Bachelor of Laws degree from University of Botswana (in conjunction with Edinburgh University), and her LLM...

Tony De Gouveia

Tony De Gouveia

Tony De Gouveia is the Founder and Creator of TUB - The Ultimate Business. He is highly motivated and ambitious Network Marketing Professional that is passionate about Entrepreneurship.

Conray Labuschagne


South Africa’s most qualified and best trained personal trainer, specializing in wealth creation through mindset transformation and self motivation.

Coert Coetzee

Coert Coetzee

Coert Coetzee is the #1 Wealth Coach in South Africa with thousands of students applying his methods with great success all over the world. More...

Billy Selekane

Billy Selekane

Billy Selekane CSP, Sashof, EXPY is an best selling author, acclaimed International Inspirational Speaker, Coach, People, Team and Organizational Effectiveness specialist.

Dr John Demartini

Dr John Demartini

Dr. John Demartini; Author, Educator, Business Consultant, Self Mastery & Leadership Expert and Founder of the Demartini Institute.

Pip Stehlik

Pip Stehlik

Pip Stehlik. Brick Buy Brick sponsored by Rich Dad Education helping and teaching individuals advanced property strategies the "Brick Buy Brick" way.

Brick Buy Brick

Brick Buy Brick

Brick Buy Brick sponsored by Rich Dad Education helping and teaching individuals advanced property strategies the "Brick Buy Brick" way.

Gary Lafferty

Gary Lafferty

Gary has built his personal success on a wealth creation philosophy that includes financial trading, property acquisitions and business ownership. But in all these, his passion has always been business!

Todd Falcone

Todd Falcone

For the past 25 years Todd Falcone he has secured his place at the very top of the global network marketing and direct selling world through his best-selling training programmes.

Helen Nicholson

Helen Nicholson

Helen is a passionate South African and thrives on the meaningful work she does as a consultant in the area of leadership development. Her clients include Nedbank, FNB, JD Group, Travelport...

Rick Potgieter


As a successful trader Rick has shared his knowledge of trading the global market as an independent trader with individuals since 2001.

Peter Sage

Peter Sage

Peter Sage is an expert in personal development with twenty-five years of experience in growing fast-paced enterprises and is committed to bringing those skills and experience to a global audience.

Tahir Hussain

Tahir Hussain

Tahir knows the importance of giving back and paying it forward, which is why he shares his success principles with others through being a life coach, a motivational speaker, and a personal development trainer.

Robert Tuck

Robert Tuck

Brick Buy Brick sponsored by Rich Dad Education helping and teaching individuals advanced property strategies the "Brick Buy Brick" way.

Thaamir Moerat

thaamir moerat

Thaamir Moerat, started his sales career as a Tele-Sales agent with no experience and after month 1, he was the agent of the month

Steve Mululu

Steve M

Steve is also a popular speaker at corporate events, schools and conferences on subjects ranging from nutrition and eating disorders to body transformation, responsible sports training...

Pa Joof


Pa is an accomplished entrepreneur, multi-faceted business guru, agent of positive change, and one of the world’s most beloved motivational speakers.

Desré Buirski


Desre’ Buirski is founder of Presidential Shirt, a South African clothing brand, and shares the profound lessons learned from her relationship with Nelson Mandela.

Pravin Maharaj

Pravin Maharaj

Pravin Maharaj is the CEO and President of the Oval Group of Companies with a foot print and influence in 3 continents. A new age Entrepreneur and visionary.

Justin Cohen


Justin is the author of four books and seven audiobooks. He is a Certified Speaker Professional and Southern African Speaker.

Colin Sprake

Colin Sprake

Colin is devoted to people achieving huge success in their businesses. There is a very definite reason WHY Colin does what he does and it all stems from childhood.

Margaret Hirsch

Margaret Hirsch

Margaret is a champion of women’s empowerment, and someone who firmly believes in giving back to the community, especially to people in a less fortunate situation, having been there once herself.

Lee Scott

Lee Scott

Lee began his career in financial markets at Discovery Invest and gained valuable knowledge relevant to investment channels and structures of various funds within the South African investment market.

Kotie Potgieter

Kotie Potgieter

Kotie Potgieter is passionate about people development through neuroscience. As a Business Woman, Conference Key-note Speaker and Trainer she is passionate about people...

Andrew Eaton


Andrew is an online home based business owner living in South Africa at the forefront of launching a new ground breaking platform that More...

Harry Barclay

Harry Barclay

Harry Barclay is an advanced property investor, trainer and the lead International mentor within Rich Dad Education.

Niel Malan


Niel is a specialist in Sales Force Effectiveness and provide both marketing services to the SMME and Sales Force Effectiveness services to the Corporate sectors in South Africa.

Colin J Browne

Colin J Browne

Colin heads up Happy Sandpit, South Africa’s most well-known organisational culture consul­tancy which helps organisations of all sizes to increase employee engagement, performance and loyalty.

Mark Wilkes

Mark Wilkes

With a broad and deep knowledge of the South African market, Mark Wilkes will always have a trading view responding to current market developments backed up by technical considerations.

David Becker

David Becker

David specialises in studying, teaching and applying cutting-edge mind technologies, accelerated learning techniques and peak performance strategies.

Colin Heaney

Colin Heaney

Colin Heaney is a highly experienced facilitator and motivational speaker. Personal Development and Corp rate Growth Seminars are just a few of Colin’s passions.

Charles Savage

Charles Savage

Charles was part of the team that pioneered CFD and Spread Trading in South Africa whilst leading the development of the world's first fully automated online Spread Trading platform in 2000.

John Broome

John Broome

Since 1988 John has had extensive experience in coaching, counseling, guiding and mentoring individuals from all walks of life empowering people to maximize their potential to achieve...

Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

Motivational speakers that are leaders in their respective fields will be amongst the guest speakers available at the seminars.



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Articles on Wealth and Mindset

Most people are desperately seeking Financial Freedom in their life

It is certainly safe to say most people are desperately seeking Financial Freedom in their life. Sadly Financial Freedom to most remains a dream, or an elusive theory that forever escapes them.

One of the most powerful and Life changing tools

From all the Financial Freedom Tools to choose from, one of the most powerful and Life changing tools is most certainly a high quality Financial Seminar. These seminars play a substantial role in...

Financial Freedom is not something you achieve in the first attempt

Financial Freedom for most people is not something that they achieve in the first attempt, in fact for most they fall a few times before they Achieve Financial Freedom. Like most other...

The importance of Confidence, and how Low Self Esteem or lack of Confidence will hold you back

On the outset let me immediately motivate the importance of having Confidence. Most people believe there is no problem with their Confidence level, nor do they have Low Self Esteem problems. According...

The impact of Relationships in all areas of life

Most people take the word “Relationship” and immediately label it as their personal love Relationship with their partner and give no further consideration to the word, the meaning, or the impact of...

Financial Freedom is in the discovery of your true genius

The single most important key to financial Freedom is in the discovery of your true genius, your true destiny. What are you really meant to be doing? Most people are not doing,...

The idea of a master mind group

The idea of a master mind group was first conceived and put into print by Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich. The concept was inspired by Andrew Carnegie, an...

One way of achieving financial freedom is to have a passive income

Passive income is defined as being an income that is received regularly, but with very little effort needed to sustain it. Some examples of passive income are pensions, royalties, payments for rented...

Positive thinking is something that anyone can achieve

Take two identical individuals from the same background – they could be identical twins. The one succeeds in life and becomes extremely wealthy, and the other has an ordinary and rather mundane...

Self esteem is a quality that is acquired from one’s surroundings or background

It is modified by what happens to you as a child at home or at school, in your job and in your pleasure time. A person who has low self esteem lacks...

What exactly is Financial Freedom?

It does not necessarily mean that you have an unlimited supply of money, although that would probably be quite an acceptable situation to be in. It does mean being able to manage...

Are you one of those people who just get by every month

Are you one of those people who just get by every month and who can’t wait for that monthly salary slip to arrive so that you can pay the accounts?

Creating wealth is by means of a property investment in cash positive properties

There is no doubt at all that one of the best and easiest ways of earning a passive income and creating wealth is by means of a property investment in cash positive...

Adjust your way of thinking so that you have the correct positive mindset

The very first step on the road to financial freedom is to adjust your way of thinking so that you have the correct positive mindset.

Using property investment to create a passive income

With a little thought most people would like to achieve financial freedom, but what exactly does the phrase mean? What does it convey to you? We often hear of an individual who...

Using Time Management to achieve goals and create a positive mindset

The greatest asset that everyone is given for free is Time. The subconscious mind compares the passage of Time with the length of time that it has experienced. Effectively this means that...

Financial Freedom Come-Back

Financial Freedom for most people is not something that they achieve in the first attempt, in fact for most they fall a few times before they Achieve Financial Freedom. Like most other...

Financial Freedom starts with a firm decision followed by firm commitment

What exactly is Financial Freedom? No doubt it will mean different things to different people! Most certainly Financial Freedom will mean a different amount of money to each individual – person A...

Business Opportunities | Right Opportunity | Business Skills

We all know with the right individual and the right opportunity, product, etc, a business can be a great asset that can really change your life for the better! But at the...

Developing High Self Confidence To Overcome Low Self Esteem

Self esteem is a quality that is acquired from ones surroundings or background. It is modified by what happens to you as a child at home or at school, in your job...

The Advantages Of Using A Team For Wealth Creation

It very often for very good reasons have been said that creating wealth is not depended on an individuals ability to create wealth but on his ability to surround himself with the...

Using Passive Income As A Key To Financial Freedom

Income Opportunities doesn’t necessary mean, entail, nor lean itself as passive income streams. The idea of passive income is create one or more of streams of income, that keep on coming in...

Property Investments, Wealth Creation & Value Assessment

Through history, Property Investments as a Wealth Creation tool, has always proven to be a mind blowing wealth tool! Like anything else, success in property investment is depended on certain skills and...

Beliefs - Non-Serving Vs. Serving.

Take a young child playing with his favourite toy and in the process he believes to be the "hero", or whatever it might be. A young child playing with his favourite superhero...

Investing for current and future benefit has become much more involved than a few years ago.

There are many investment strategies that individuals can follow, ranging from low risk strategies to high risk strategies. Low risk strategies will deliver fairly low return on the amount invested, and likewise,...

Millionaire Secrets – are there any?

Do millionaires have secrets or are they just born lucky? The only millionaires that were born lucky are those born into already wealthy families, so let’s confine our thoughts to self-made millionaires....

Business Ideas in South Africa

The ongoing recession has caused many individuals to take a good look at their working circumstances, and in many cases to re-evaluate their position. With an unemployment rate of close to 25%, anyone...

The Power of Positive Thinking

Is there such a thing as the power of positive thinking? If so, how does it work and how can it help transform my life? The answer is YES. One fact that the...

Entrepreneurial Development in South Africa

Entrepreneurial development programs in South Africa can only be described as lacking when compared with most of the developed world and with other third world countries. This is one of the reasons...

The Financial Freedom Come-Back

Financial Freedom for most people is not something that they achieve in the first attempt, in fact for most they fall a few times before they Achieve Financial Freedom. Like most other...

Strategic Financial Consultant Offer

As you all know we at Work Your Wealth are extremely passionate about what we do and being instrumental in the wealth creation of many through mind-set development and introducing mainly alternative...

Auction Houses SA

One of the most reliable ways of achieving a state of wealth is through acquiring property through auction houses.

Bank Repossesed Homes

Everyone is aware that South Africa has been suffering from the economic downturn that has been affecting most of the civilized world over the last few years. What many people are not...

Become more confident

Regardless of who you are, at the end of the day I am very convinced everybody is seeking meaning and purpose in their life, I have personally yet to meet and find...

Best Forex

With an average daily trading market in excess of $3 trillion, the foreign exchange market could well be considered the best market for an investor or speculator to make money from.

Build Confidence

Self Confidence is a fundamental corner-stone of wealth creation that we unfortunately so easily underestimate and often totally ignore! Over the years I have met many people with massive potential, awesome ideas,...

Building Self Esteem

Building self esteem, working on our self image, building self confidence, as much as many people firmly believe they needn’t worry about this, believing they simply don’t have a problem, I...

Build Online Passive Income

Having a passive income is an extremely important tool for creating wealth. “Interesting” you may muse, but what exactly is a passive income? Let me explain. A passive income is an income...

Build Passive Income

What is passive income and why is it such an important wealth creation tool? Thousands and thousands of people in South Africa pass the hours away in jobs that they either don’t...

Business Coach SA

Take A Moment And Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like If You Had The Perfect Job Or Business That You Absolutely Loved The Perfect Family Life The Perfect Lifestyle That Afforded You All...


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